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Subic Bay Freeport – Honoring tradition, this premier Freeport is gearing up for the most solemn Catholic event, the Holy Week.

Subic Bay Metropolitan Authority (SBMA) Atty. Wilma T. Eisma unveiled the agency’s plans for the upcoming Holy Week events yesterday, showing that this Freeport is not without observance of its religious traditions.

The start of the Holy Week will be welcomed with the Reenactment of Jesus Christ Entering Jerusalem at the San Roque Chapel, the oldest chapel in the area. This day’s event will culminate with the Blessing of the Palm on April 9, Palm Sunday.

Eisma said that aside from the event in San Roque Chapel, there will also be another reenactment in Holy Land, where a priest presiding in the mass will ride a donkey towards the chapel there.

There will also be an animal parade at the religious theme park as mass goers will be able to interact with two camels, two donkeys, sheep, horses and ponies.

“On April 10 and 11, a ‘Pabasa’ will be held also in San Roque Chapel. And on Wednesday, a procession will be held at the San Roque Chapel, while the Boardwalk area will have food and specialty shops, with entertainment from local bands and DJs to liven up the place,” Eisma said.

The Mass of the Lord’s Supper and Washing of the Feet and the Reenactment of the Last Supper will be held at the San Roque Chapel. Tourists will be able to visit the chapel as part of the Visita Iglesia tradition on Maundy Thursday.

Good Friday events will include Private Station of the Cross at the San Roque Chapel, Guided Way of the Cross Meditation at the Holy Land, and a stage play of “The Passion and Death of Jesus” at the Boardwalk area.

Part of the Black Saturday events is the Black Saturday Concert at the Boardwalk area, and an Easter Vigil Mass will be held at the San Roque Chapel. The mass will include the Blessing of Paschal Candle, Blessing of Fire and Blessing of Water.

“And on Easter Sunday, we will have the ‘Salubong’ procession and an Easter Egg Hunt at the San Roque Chapel grounds. The ‘Salubong’ procession will be held at the Dewey Avenue as the Risen Christ and Mary Dolorosa will meet up at the San Roque Chapel,” Eisma said.

Eisma also said that these events are part of the SBMA’s thrust to show that the agency honor religious Filipino traditions and would like to make this an opportunity to get families closer while in Subic Bay Freeport.

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  1. Cornelio F Ragadio jr says: April 15, 2017

    we had relatives that needed to be at Iba , Zambales this past good thursday and we went to Binictican housing tp picked them up and proceeded to Iba , some how i forgot that it was good thursday LOL. traffic was backed up from the Kalaklan gate to the Royal store or basically all road leading out to Kalaklan gate was at a standstill and no LED personnel to manage the mess , i made a decision to head back out the hospital bridge and go thru the city and we countered no traffic until we got to the traffic light at Kalaklan going up to the cemetery and also the zig zag road leading into barretto , there were no TMB personnel on the zig zag road so that lead to bottlenecks on the two lane that turned into one lane since no one wanted to give way to each other and had to be careful driving as not to cause and accident and aggravate more traffic. on the way back late afternoon it was still the same situatuon on the zig zag roads and still no TMB personnel to manage the the mess but i could see PNP personnel at stations along the way and they made no effort to volunteer their services . this should be a lesson learn to use the electronic billboard to show and alert drivers of alternate route by exiting thru the city then to Iba. the city of Olongapo should have put up traffic cones to prevent build ups on the zig zag road. also this serves a lesson for me not to travel north during Holy Week LOL.


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