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ZAMBALES Gov. Hermogenes “Jun” Ebdane, along with provincial administrator Jun Omar Ebdane, yesterday personally visited areas in Subic, Castillejos and San Marcelino towns, where landslides on Monday claimed the lives of 29 people, to provide relief and assistance to the relatives’ victims as well as to others affected by the strong winds and heavy monsoon rains that flooded most parts of Central Luzon.

“We were taken by surprise because attention was focused on typhoon Odette when actually there was a large mass of rain clouds over our area,” Ebdane said, “we could have at least implemented precautionary measures if we only knew what to expect.”

PAG-ASA, the country’s weather bureau, issued a mere yellow rainfall alert on Sunday night when actually,  an unusual heavy volume of rains have already started to pour in Zambales, Bataan and Olongapo City, causing unprecedented floodings, submerging many areas by early Monday morning by as deep as 3 meters, surprising many who were fast asleep and awakened by the rising waters that have already entered their domiciles.

TWELVE (12) DIED HERE. Zambales Gov. Hermogenes Ebdane, Jr. at Bgy. Cawag, Subic where a landslide killed 12 people, mostly children, on Monday morning. SBNphoto by Vic V. VIZCOCHO, Jr.

In Subic town, 12 people, mostly children, were far unfortunate when soil softened by continuous heavy rains collapsed on their homes at Bgy. Cawag, (formerly part of Bgy. Wawandue) instantly killing them. Another 7 died in the landslide at Bgy. San Isidro.

In Castillejos, a family of 5 died in a landslide at Bgy. Balaybay while in the neighboring town of San Marcelino, 5 people were buried by landslides in Bgy. Aglao (earliler reported to be Bgy. Buhawen).

Subic Town Mayor Jay Khonghun, along with Zambales 1st District Congressman Jeffrey Khonghun and Board member Jon Khonghun, accompanied Gov. Ebdane in his inspection of the Subic landslides.

Ebdane made sure that relief goods from the government and private sectors are able to reach thousands of  displaced residents.

Debris and mud are all over the site of the landslide in Bgy. Cawag that killed 12 people, mostly children, on Monday. Zambales Gov. Hermogenes Ebdane, Jr. (L), with Subic Mayor Jay Khonghun (R), personally inspected the site yesterday to deliver relief and assistance to the victims' kins, survivors and others affected by the unusually heavy volume of monsoon rains that submerged most parts of Southern Zambales and Olongapo City. SBNphoto by Vic V. VIZCOCHO, Jr.

Residents in the landslide-stricken part of Bgy, Cawag, Subic, Zambales offered candles to the 12 victims who perished in the early morning disaster on Monday. SBNphoto by Vic V. VIZCOCHO, Jr.


Landslide victims identified were, in Cawag: Joshua Ytac, 12; Joross Ytac, 7; Kean Ejucadas, 5; Jay-R Ejucadas, 4; Ryan Ejucadas, 7; Doray Cuanan, 5; Daniel Cuanan, 10; Danica Cuanan, 10; Jovelyn Cuanan, 19; Jaysal Bacus; Elvira Cuanan, 41; and Danilo Cuanan, 43; in San Isidro: Ian Dimalanta, 4; Merlin Ednalagim; Charlyn Bueno, 8; Seanly Josh Bueno, 9; John Clifford Bueno, 11; Lyn Bueno ; and, Brian Bueno. #


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